Press Release

Three local schools have taken the first step towards forming a new, local multi-school trust.  Academy Orders were issued to The Friary School and Queen’s Croft High School in Lichfield and Henry Chadwick Primary School in Hill Ridware who are planning to establish the Greywood Multi-School Trust.  This is an exciting venture that allows this local group of schools to take control of their future destiny as they move beyond local authority control.

The name Greywood was selected as it relates to one of the ancient possible names for Lichfield and therefore reflects the local nature of the grouping.  The trust will enable the schools to share expertise, develop new initiatives and share the costs of things currently bought in individually.

Over the next few months the schools will carry out extensive consultations with teachers, parents and carers and other stakeholders in the wider community to gather views on the proposed academisation.  Leaders and governors at the schools feel that this is a wonderful opportunity to envision, craft, recruit and facilitate the resources, processes and people who will make Greywood MST a world class asset for this and future generations of students, staff and the local community.


If your child was born between 1st September 2015 and 31st August 2016 applications are welcomed for your child to attend the Nursery at Henry Chadwick Primary School from the 3rd September 2019.  Parents and their children are welcome to visit school to meet staff and see the nursery setting.  Please telephone the office to make an appointment – 01543 490354

Henry Chadwick Nursery Admissions 2019-20

Nursery Admission Application Form 2019-20

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School Closures

In the event of the school having to close, we will inform parents in the following ways:

  1. send a text to parents using Teachers2Parents (please ensure the office has your up to date contact details)
  2. add a notice on the home page of the school ‘s website and
  3. include our details on the Staffordshire County Council

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