Y3 Home Learning w/c 18th May 2020

Hi all

We are continuing using the website below for maths, additional English and topic tasks.


There are lessons on this website suitable for Reception to Year 6


  • Open up the website
  • Click on classroom
  • Click on subject
  • Choose year group
  • Choose your subject – maths, English or Foundation
  • Click on the lessons (in order) to start

There is a lesson each day for the three areas.

Additional tasks

Watch the film clip – Diving Giraffes from Literacy Shed


Use this as an inspiration for some writing of your choice.

This may include: A diary written from the giraffes’ perspective.

A news Report.

A detailed description of the giraffe including how they move.

Or an idea of your own – be creative!!

You won’t have any work the following week as it would have been half-term.

Keep Safe!

Mrs Orme and Mrs Barnes.