Y6 Home Learning w/c 22nd June 2020

English and Topic wb 22.6

Your Main Task this week is to begin writing your end of year report letter.   In this letter, you are writing to your parent’s about your experiences of Year 6.   I would structure it in the following way:   Paragraph 1: I have enjoyed Year 6/not enjoyed it because… Paragraph 2: List your favourite moments or experiences from the year. Paragraph 3: What have you achieved in your work? (Improved in Maths, Reading etc)

Tell us about what you feel proud of. Paragraph 4: Talk about your feelings for high school – what are you looking forward to or not looking forward to?   If you finish the letter and want to do more English this week, try this task!     This week we will be writing biographies about a famous person.   We want to know as many details about this person’s life as possible. The person should be someone you relate to or have an interest in: a sportsperson, an actor/actress, a singer etc.   Look at the attached example for David Walliams and look how it is set out. Try to mirror the information it shows.   For example, in the David Walliams introduction, it states his full name, where he is from, what is he famous for and what he is best known for. This could be the same introduction for your famous person.   Best of luck!
This week I would like you to focus on famous black people from history. You can choose anyone from history who has had a positive impact on the world.   It may be someone from politics, from sport, from film or from music.   Write a short factfile about their lives and their achievements.   Good luck!