World Book Day : w/c 1st March 2021

World Book Day, which Henry Chadwick will extend to a week, begins 1st March!!

Have you got the Apple Books app?  Access lots of free Recently published books this half term!
Some suggestions:

EYFS: Lost and Found
Year 1: Aliens love underpants
Year 2: The day that aliens nearly ate our brains (read to or audiobook)
Year 3: Brilliant world of Tom Gates
Year 4: Highland falcon thief  OR Nothing to see here Hotel
Year 5: Alice in wonderland/ Peter Pan
Year 6: Malamander

One of the activities will be extending our love of books with families in the local community.  As part of a wider Greywood MST initiative, Pat Hunt, CEO, has agreed to fund a project in which the children across the MST will recommend their favourite books. The best recommendations will then be selected to make up book hampers to be presented to Family Support Services and/or the Project Pathway for local families who are being supported by these organisations.

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