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Cool Maths on a Hot Day – 17th June 2019

Early Years had fun watching (and helping!) a block of ice melt and discovering maths and seaside related objects inside. When it had melted completely they compared the objects by size, colour and shape, counted how many and made different numbers with the numerals they had found.

Early Years visit to Packington Farm – July 2019

A fantastic day learning about farming, building dens and catching little frogs!

Early Years’ Maths Hunt – 10th July 2019

Early Years had lots of fun using their maths and observation skills to do a maths hunt in the school grounds. It was great to see their enthusiasm for real life maths and to hear wonderful conversations like “We need three sticks to make a triangle”, “I’ve got three and three so that’s six!” and “….8,9,10! I need two more!”

Well done Early Years. You are brilliant mathematicians!

EY making mobiles as part of the Eid celebrations (14th June 2019)

EY visit to Pizza Express

EY visit to Pizza Express, Stafford (13th June 2019) – a great morning making our own pizzas and the special treat of bringing them back to school for lunch.

Early Years Stay and Learn – 5th April 2019

A fantastic opportunity for parents to join their children in the classroom environment for an hour.

Early Years celebrating Chinese New Year – February 2019

The children tried noodles, egg fried rice, prawn crackers and each had a fortune cookie!

Early Years’ Stay and Learn – 14th December 2018

An opportunity for parents to spend time in their child’s classroom enjoying the many activities on offer in our Early Years learning environment.

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