Category: Year 5 & 6

To Our Wonderful Year 6

The 11th of May, just a date to some,

But to you it’s important in more ways than one.

You should have arrived at the school’s green front door

Anxious but ready to get your best score.

You were prepared to sit your SATs tests,

To give it you all, your absolute best.

You have worked so hard leading up to this day,

But the lockdown has taken this challenge away.

What it can’t take away is how proud we are

Of all sixteen of you, our HC Superstars!

Keep learning and striving to be your best,

Get through this different but difficult test,

This will not set you back, you are brave, you are strong,

We want you to know, what we knew all along;

The sixteen young people, that we have watched grow,

Have learned so much more than a SATs test could show.

We don’t need a score, a mark next to your name,

To know you will succeed in whatever your aim.

Mrs Jane