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Roald Dahl Day – September 2017

Years 5 and 6 spent time hearing the younger children in Year 1/2 read on Roald Dahl day. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed being able to visit different classrooms.

Children in Years 1 and 2 enjoying their Maths and English lessons on Roald Dahl day. In Maths the children completed some Roald Dahl number problems and in English they used Flossy to describe different Roald Dahl characters as she was dressed up as The Enormous Crocodile.

Roald Dahl Day – September 2017

As part of the activities for Roald Dahl day Year 3/4 had great fun making dream catchers.

Sports Day 2017

Leavers 2017 – Family Lunch

Primary Schools’ Presentation Evening at The Hart School – 27th June 2017

The Hart School hosted a Primary Schools’ Presentation evening where 10 students from each of their feeder primary schools are presented with awards in recognition of their hard work and attainment.  Class teachers nominated students based on a list of criteria provided by the Hart School.  Well done everyone.

Ridware Fair – 24th June 2017

The School Choir singing at the village fair.

8th June 2017 – Reading Afternoon

Children moved between classes and spent time reading with different age groups.  This was a great experience for all the children involved.

STRIVE Fun Day – 9th June 2017

We held a STRIVE fun making day today, with all the children going into their house groups to take part in activities to make items linked to STRIVE.  All items are being used for the corridor displays.  We hope you have time to look at the new displays the next time you are in school.

Year 3/4 Making Pancakes

Year 3/4 making pancakes as part of their RE lesson : considering the meaning of Lent.

Chicks Update

7th April 2017 – Syd’s chicks

31st March 2017 – Lexi and Lillia have doubled in size all ready.

24th March 2017 – Chocolate and Cheese – settling in nicely with Evelyn, who is doing a very good job of helping to look after them.

23rd March 2017 – Charlie, Chloe and Chelsie-Cherry now settled at their new home with Lexi and Lillia.

March 2017 – Our eggs hatching into little chicks and related activities in Early Years

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