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Celebration Corner – 12th October 2018

Ollie for a mature attitude to school and learning.

Archie for showing resilience in maths.

Izzy for showing great enthusiasm towards all of her tasks.

Leah for super progress in reading

Celebration Corner 28th September 2018

Luca for amazing attitude to learning at home and school.

Amber for showing a great understanding of reasoning problems.

Sophia, Ryley-James, Harry and Cody for settling in well to school.

Celebration Corner 5th October 2018

Henri for proving that perseverance leads to success.

Sophie for working independently.

Finn for super blending.

Maddy for a great effort to learn our text.

Katy for becoming more confident in {I) writing.

Celebration Corner – 21st September 2018

Madison for being an excellent role model, superb attitude and a great start to her work.
Arabella for being smiley and trying hard this week.
Abigail for superb attitude to everything and settling into Year 3.

Celebration Corner 13th July 2018

Darcy for excellent writing in her poem.

Katy for excellent concentration during lessons.

Elise for growing in confidence when working independently.

Martha for always trying her best and being kind, caring and considerate.

Harley for brilliant Charlotte’s Web story with punctuation.

Brooke for fantastic contributions during class discussion.

Year 6 for their fantastic achievements in their SATs.

Celebration Corner 6th July 2018

All of Year 6 for courage and enthusiasm during transition days.

Sophie and Abigail for great team work in drama.

Jessica for working hard to improve handwriting.

Keeley for super spelling.

Arabella for working hard at home on her reading and spellings.

Celebration Corner 29th June 2018

Saahib for excellent money work.
Georgia for excellent mental maths.
Poppy for fantastic knowledge of 3D shapes.
Amelia for producing a superb level of writing this week.

Celebration Corner 15th June 2018

Katie for consistently producing excellent work at a high standard.
Rico for super effort on Sports Day.
Jacob for an excellent newspaper report.
Dakota for moving up four levels in reading.
Will for marvellous work in maths.

Celebration Corner 8th June 2018

Matilda for her brilliant contribution during guided reading.

Louise for outstanding pieces of writing

Sophie for brilliant Phonics

Mia for trying hard in Phonics and improving her score.

Celebration Corner – 25th May 2018

Autumn for trying hard in all areas, especially her writing.

Oliver for making a special effort with all his work.

Poppy for brilliant work in Phonics.

Zara for fantastic ideas and turns of phrase used in her writing.

Alex for amazing confidence in reading.

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