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Celebration Corner 15th June 2018

Katie for consistently producing excellent work at a high standard.
Rico for super effort on Sports Day.
Jacob for an excellent newspaper report.
Dakota for moving up four levels in reading.
Will for marvellous work in maths.

Celebration Corner 8th June 2018

Matilda for her brilliant contribution during guided reading.

Louise for outstanding pieces of writing

Sophie for brilliant Phonics

Mia for trying hard in Phonics and improving her score.

Celebration Corner – 25th May 2018

Autumn for trying hard in all areas, especially her writing.

Oliver for making a special effort with all his work.

Poppy for brilliant work in Phonics.

Zara for fantastic ideas and turns of phrase used in her writing.

Alex for amazing confidence in reading.

Celebration Corner – 11th May 2018

Jack for trying hard to do the right thing.
Saahib for his fantastic attitude to learning.
Jake for trying hard to find the answer in the text.
Izzy for working extremely hard and striving to do her best.
Jacob for growing in confidence in writing.

Celebration Corner – 4th May 2018

Elliot for working hard in Maths.

Jesse for settling in well to doing full days.

Bella for really challenging herself in Maths.

Shannon for a super report on plants.

Madison for an excellent attitude to her learning and school life – a true role model.

Celebration Corner – 27th April 2018

Amelia for superb assessment results from her Mock SATS

Evelyn for using resources to help with her writing.

Sophie for growing in confidence with “I” work.

Benji for his incredible effort in writing.

Lillia for persevering with Maths.

Celebration Corner – 29th March 2018

Katie for excellent effort with assessments.

Alesha for producing brilliant writing.

Joseph for excellent tidying up.

All of Y2 for excellent effort and focus, especially in Maths.

Celebration Corner – 23rd March 2018

Emily for wonderful effort and application.

Alex for putting 100% effort into Maths and English.

Eleanor for always being helpful and listening really well.

Dakota for great progress in reading and writing.

Liam for excellent contributions in class discussion.

Celebration Corner – 16th March 2018

Ronni for completing his learning tasks.

Amber for a huge effort to ensure accuracy in her Maths.

Abigail for 100% effort in everything she does and excellent behaviour.

Jack for improving his reading and becoming more confident.

William for excellent contributions to class discussions.

Celebration Corner – 9th March 2018

Eleanor for super progress in literacy, recognising letters, writing her name.

Jimmy for magnificent effort and progress.

Jacob for growing in confidence in Maths and English.

Hayden for being a superb role model and hard-working class member.

Mia for being a great team member.

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