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Celebration Corner 8th February 2019

Jess for being a fantastic role model.

Hayden for greater consistency and accuracy.

Harry for working hard on his pencil control and letter formation.



Celebration Corner 1st February 2019

Lexi for excellent use of problem solving strategies in Maths.

William for being a super star.

Olivia for having much more settled, grown up behaviour.

Spike for showing resilience and determination in Maths.

Noah for brilliant writing on Wizard of Oz story.

Celebration Corner 25th January 2019

Cody for trying new foods today.

Izzy for showing incredible focus and maturity.

Charlotte for an amazing rewrite of Wizard of Oz including short sentences – super!

Celebration Corner 18th January 2019

Autumn for a super attitude to learning

Harley for a fantastic knowledge of his times tables.

Scarlett for being kind and helpful to another member of the class.

Will for his amazing story of Wizard of Oz with short sentences and super word choices

Zara for excellent focus within her literacy.

Celebration Corner 14th December 2018

Esmae for being brave and singing a solo.
Samuel for excellent measuring and reading of scales when weighing objects.
Jimmy for always setting a fantastic example of behaviour
Harley for an improved attitude – full of optimism and enthusiasm
Katie for practising and perfecting her many lines for “Bah Humbug”.

Celebration Corner 7th December 2018

Mia for being a super role model in class.

Eleanor for fantastic independent maths work.

Y3/4 for being an amazing class to work with and teach.

Keeley for great confidence reading in the play.

Flossy for amazing singing on her own in the play.

Meg for being a good learning buddy.

Celebration Corner – 30th November 2018

Alex for working independently in English writing.

Olivia for being amazing.

Zara for excellent preparation for assessments and scoring highly.

George for growing in confidence with his I writing.

Harley for working hard in class.

Celebration Corner 16th November 2018

Dan for using exciting language for his prologue.

Izzy for showing wonderful creativity within her English.

Bebe for very grown up attitude and behaviour.

Darcy for super reading.

Whole of Y3/4 for their high standard of behaviour during the trip and cooking lessons – well done!

Celebration Corner 19th October 2018

Autumn for super blending in Phonics

Hayden for great design and creation of a clay pot in topic work

Evie for setting an excellent example of behaviour

Jake for working hard in class.

Cosmia for setting a great example in class.

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