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Assembly Swimming Achievement

29th November 2019 – Well done to Oliver on his swimming achievements, which we celebrated in this morning’s assembly. 

Football Mascot

29th November 2019 – Well done to Jimmy who was the mascot at the Derby match this week.  A fantastic experience, which Jimmy was so proud to tell everyone about in assembly this morning.

Celebration Corner 20th September 2019

Well done to Spike, Martha, Evie, Jimmy, Olivia and Holly for being awarded this week’s Star certificates.

Well done to Jack for his achievement over the Summer Holidays with the Chase Reading Challenge.

Celebration Corner 28th June 2019

Joseph for growing in confidence

Maddy for showing great focus and concentration

Emily for giving maximum effort and enthusiasm across all subjects.

Jimmy for always being a star.

Amelie for her reasoning in Maths.

Celebration Corner 21st June 2019

Will for being kind and caring towards all of his friends.

Hayden for using his imagination to create atmosphere in story writing.

Jack for his dedication to writing his letter.

Jake for his hard work in class.

Bradley for getting involved.

Celebration Corner 14th June

Jess for resilience and determination.

George for giving 100% effort in every lesson, especially in English

Holly for super reading.

Amelie for being caring and helpful.

Celebration Corner 7th June 2019

Amelia for super independent writing

Saahib for being a very kind friend

Gabriela for settling into class so well

Mihaela for making an excellent start to life at Henry Chadwick

Hanya for excellent use of vocabulary in her writing

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