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Handwriting Heroes 28th June 2019

Gabriela for presenting work beautifully in Numeracy.

Olivia for joining her handwriting and writing a brilliant diary entry.

Finn for improving letter formation.

Liam for fantastic effort to join handwriting.

Madison for beautiful presentation throughout.

Handwriting Heroes 21st June 2019

Lillia for improving her handwriting.

Marc for working hard to maintain joined and legible handwriting.

Abigail for her beautiful presentation of display work.

Miheala for beautifully presenting her work.

Autumn for trying hard every day in her handwriting.

Handwriting Heroes 14th June 2019

Sarah for constantly trying her best

George for trying really hard  with his handwriting in English.

Katie for beautifully maintained handwriting

Elsie for using cursive handwriting

Elise for joining her letters

Handwriting Heroes 7th June 2019

Esmae for using cursive independently

Kye for trying hard to form letters cursively

Georgia for trying really hard with her presentation

Ella for beautiful presentation in her maths book

Hayden for excellent presentation in his wow book

Handwriting Heroes 24th May 2019

Cody for working really hard in literacy in re-writing the story of Cinderella.

Jonny for always producing excellent handwriting.

Alesha for super presentation in all of her work.

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