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Star Diners – 12th April 2019

James, Finn, Evie, Scarlett, Georgie, Jack Matilda and Hayden for always using their manners when in the lunch queue.  Well done.

Star Diner 15th March 2019

Although most of the time Brooke brings in her own lunch, we have observed her lovely manners during lunchtime.


Star Diners – 15th February 2019

The Catering staff have noticed over the last couple of weeks that the children’s manners, whilst collecting their lunch, have improved significantly, and the majority of the children always say thank you after lunch and also say goodbye.  In recognition of this improvement we have chosen mor ethan one Star Diner this week.

Sarah for helping the lunchtime supervisors in the hall.

William for lovely manners.

Katy for making different choices from the menu.

Jesse for lovely manners.

Evelyn for lovely manners.

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