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MindEd for Families
online advice and support you can trust

MindEd for Families is a vital online resource providing evidence-based advice and information for family members or caregivers concerned about their child’s mental health.

Families can access free online information and practical advice on a wide range of areas, including:
–  Supporting a child in difficult circumstances
–  Coping strategies and building resilience
–  When to get help
–  Nurturing and building health family relationships
–  Coping in crisis situations
–  Feelings of isolation

I’m worried and don’t know what to do…..
– Practical support for family members
Building confidence and resilience        What should I do if I’m worried?
Finding helpful information                    What to do in a crisis?
Keeping ourselves strong                         Who can help us?
Should I be worried?                                 Medication

Why is my child behaving like this….
– Understanding child mental health and behaviour
Attachment                                                Risky behaviour
Child and teen development                   Sexual orientation and gender
Common problems                                   Sleep and adolescence
Death and loss (including pets)             Substances, alcohol and aerosols
Diagnosis                                                    Trauma and coping
Eating disorders                                        Child sexual abuse and exploitation
Refusal to go to school

Am I doing the right thing for my child?
– Expert advice on parenting and mental health
Bullying and what to do as a parent        Parenting the child with issues
Everyday parenting                                     Speaking up for your child
Families and their difficulties                   Talking to my child
Parenting in a digital world                       Top parenting tips

I just don’t understand mental health services!
– Helpful guidance on services and settings
Children’s Social Care referral                Transition to adult services
Setting up a support group                      Transitions during education
The journey around inpatient care         Young people and criminal justice

Developed in partnership with YoungMinds and co-written with parents and carers, the resources are engaging, interactive and accessible on all mobile and tablet devices.

Find out more:

YoungMinds Parent helpline: 0808 802 5544
Lines open 9.30am until 4.00pm Monday to Friday (free from mobiles and landlines)