Home Achievements wc 30th March

Well done to Jacob, who has been doing some posters for people who are key workers and Lillia who is helping her daddy building her play house which she got for her birthday – it looks fantastic. 

Today the twins have been practicing writing their names.

Today Finn has been making foam boats, he has read the instructions and made them on his own. He has also been practicing his spelling and writing a letter to Cody.

Well done to Saahib who has made a cake today – it looks fantastic, a shame we can’t try a piece!

Well done to Spencer, who has designed his Easter egg by using different objects to print a pattern and then he decorated it with glitter and stickers.

Amelia working at building her city 😊  Looks fantastic, well done Amelia – we can’t wait to see it when it’s finished.

Ryley-James has been using his skills to help paint the shed with his sister, with help from mum, of course.  We learnt about how paint is made, and talked about how runny the paint is and why it has to be like that so it will soak into the wood.  They then looked at how paint dries different colours when it is dry . 
Overall a great experience for the family.

Fantastic work by Lillia, who has completed her 4s and 8s in division. She is really pleased with her work and wanted to share this with us all.

A little taste of what Alex and Holly have been doing at home!  Maths, music and some Spanish singing!  Wow, well done.

Well done to Evelyn who has been doing lots of learning! As well as her school work she has been sewing dresses for her dolls, doing some amazing artwork, and has also learnt how to use a forge with her Daddy! We also had the arrival of 11 ducklings this morning!!

Alex and Holly had a fantastic day in school; having lots of fun making Rainbows.

Rainbows made by the staff and children in school today (31st March 2020)

Well done to Samuel for being ahead of the game!  He was learning to skate the weekend before the lockdown.  Keep up the good work Samuel, from the safety of your home.

Super proud of Spencer’s art today  – the only help Mum gave him was to paint his hand and his foot to make the prints.  Well done, Spencer.

A massive shout out to Maddy who has completed a whole work book at home last week including long division which she found particularly tricky – well done, Maddy.

Well done to Arabella who has done some fantastic writing about flowers.