Home Achievements wc 27th April

A huge shout out to Oliver for sharing his work in progress photo.  Oliver is making Wallie from boxes and pop bottles.  He is in the process of covering the model in paper mache before he paints it.  We can wait to see the finished model.  

Bebe has been really busy making her Giraffe 🦒 and Horse 🐴 island 🌴 .  Wow, it looks fantastic.

Wow, Evelyn has been really busy!  A week where she has learnt to crochet, baked some brownies, made cress eggheads and a paper aeroplane airport!  She also been busy with Oak National Academy which has been so much fun where the whole family has loved learning about the Shang Dynasty!

George and Harry were so happy to see Mrs Barnes and Mrs Orme – but well practiced in remembering their social distancing!

Mrs Barnes and Mrs Orme went out to chat to children and their families today – one very welcoming banner in one street😊

Well done to Elise who is having a go at cross stitch today, she says she loves doing this.

We absolutely love Finn’s version of the island challenge.  Well done, Finn.

Finn, Aine and Aoife also spent the weekend camping with their mum and dad, toasting marshmallows and learning about camp fires.  Wow, this sounds so exciting and a brilliant idea – going camping in your garden, how good is that 😊

Here’s a Beanstalk Holly made over the weekend (she woke Mum up early to do this on Sunday morning!!) and her story she read tonight!   Well done, Holly, you are a super star 😊

It was fantastic to hear that Eva-Mai loves the Jack and the Beanstalk story and was really excited to make her own bean stalk – it looks absolutely fantastic.  Well done, Eva-Mai.

Eva-Mai has also drawn around family members’ feet and talked about sizes and then she put them in order.

Well done to Bradley who has been making a pasta necklace and practicing his fine motor activities at home.

Eva-Mai has been really busy making an Easter bonnet and gardening, learning the alphabet and letters, identifying letters in words and all about shapes.  They have also been doing lots of counting when out walking and finding shapes around the home and garden.  Well done, Eva-Mai.

A big shout out to William who has been really busy at home – he made his Easter bonnet (looks fantastic), he’s done lots of planting and mum has bought some caterpillars!  William is really enjoying watching them slowly transform into butterflies. William says he is really missing school, his teachers and friends. 😊

HC are missing everyone too. 😊

Well done to Elise who has made her own toy box today using decoupage – it looks absolutely beautiful and something which will be treasured and used over the years; and she has been identifying different wild flowers on their walks.

A massive shout out to Spencer who has made a fantastic beanstalk!  Looks amazing – well done, Spencer.

It is fantastic to see that Bebe has a new hobby!  She certainly looks the part – well done, Bebe, for trying something new.