Home Achievements wc 20th April

A huge shout out to Maddy, who has done a wonderful animal project this week on an animal of her choice….a spotted hyena!!!  Fantastic work, Maddy – your project looks amazing.

Aaaw, how cute – thank you Bebe for introducing us to your new friend Crystal 🌈

A huge shout out to Lillia, who has learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers.  Fantastic achievement and well done from everyone at HC.

Wow, and well done to Oliver – his NHS poem is absolutely fantastic.

Well done to Mia on completing her Easter project – hope everyone agrees that it looks absolutely fantastic.

Wow, we love Bebe’s den : very creative and cosy.

Lovely to see George helping at home – cooking his own breakfast – and with his acrostic poem 🙂

It was lovely to hear that Harry has been busy outside this Easter!  He has been helping with lambing and also planted loads of seeds in the garden.

Shannon and Keeley’s stone paintings ready to be hidden on their canal walk – don’t they look fantastic?