Home Achievements w/c 18th May 2020

Jack has made good use of the scrap paper we gave him – he’s made a snow scene to play with all his ski resort Lego.  Well done, Jack – it looks fantastic. 🙂

Alex and Holly have been really busy with their home learning.  Alex has really enjoyed doing some Maths times tables.  He’s been literally skip counting on the trampoline.  Holly has joined in also.  Holly has learned to hula hoop!  They’ve also grown a fairy garden and it’s extremely overgrown now!  

Wow, Esmae, the chalk drawings and games you’ve drawn on the footpath look amazing.  You will have great fun playing with those. 

An update on what Maddy has been up to….Maddy has risen to the challenge of creating a maths board game!!! She has also used fabric paints to design her own t-shirt and done some great rock painting!! She has created some lovely deserts and we’ve seen some wonderful sights while out walking.   Fantastic to see you have been so busy, Maddie, well done.

Well done to Eva-Mai who has been really busy doing Mrs Walsh’s home learning/planned activities.  Really fantastic that you are keeping busy and keeping on top of your school work. 😊

Esmae is doing live story readings every day for younger children – what a fantastic thing to be doing to help others.  Well done, Esmae 😊

“Jurassic-Bite” – A Dinosaur-Fairy Tale written by Finn

Well done to the actors – Finn, Aoife and Aine : fantastic acting.