Home Achievements w/c 25th May 2020

Maddy is excited to share news on the eggs they were incubating……they have had 7 chicks!  Maddy is now  incubating quail eggs!!! 

Wow, Olivia we are really impressed with your Volcano.  This is a fantastic piece of work – well done.  Brilliant research to make sure that the eruption mix you used provided the most effective result.  Mum says you worked really hard and waited patiently to get all the ingredients you need – white vinegar, water, washing up liquid, bicarbonate of soda and a few drops of food colouring – the result was well worth the wait.  Well done, Olivia

Fantastic work, Evelyn – you have obviously spent a lot of time working on your comic strip!  The comic strip is based on a book called A Sloth Called Bob.

Evelyn has also learnt how to subtract using place value!! She is very proud!!  And understandably so, well done Evelyn – you are a super star 😊