Walk, Ride or Park and Stride to School – September 2020

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Tips to get the active travel habit and do it safely during Covid-19The government is advising that everyone should cycle, scoot or walk to school if they can. As a parent you want to give your child the best start to their day and an active journey to school is one of the best ways to do it.Many families have been enjoying walking, cycling and scooting over the last few months and many parents are thinking about how to keep that going on the journey to school. Your school will have sent you a Journey Planning Map of your area to help you do this and plan your new route.With more people on the pavements and roads from next week, Sustrans has come up with tips on how you can feel confident and enjoy your walk, cycle or scoot to school.Give yourself a bit more time in the morning – so that you get used to how long it will take.Change up your route – find a route less travelled. Use the Journey Planning Map that your school has sent you.Stop and wait for people to pass – at wider pointsSlow down – Remind children to slow down and give space……and you’re all set to have a great journey and miss all the congestion.

More safety tips for heading back to school

Live too far away to walk, cycle or scoot all the way?

Why not park and stride?  Try to find somewhere you can park safely at least 5 to 10 minutes away from school. Your children will still get the benefits of a quick walk, scoot or cycle!

Too busy? Need to get to work? 

We know that getting to school without the car isn’t as easy it should be. Our website has loads of ways to help you actively travel to school even if feels too much of a struggle right now. Get tips to avoid the congestion and enjoy an easier journey to school