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Make Inside Feel Better

When things aren’t so good out there, make inside feel better! Create your own ‘Mind Plan’ to get tailored tips and advice for you.

Every Mind Matters has lots of information and resources to support you during the Covid-19 outbreak, including a Covid-19 hub that includes tips on how to deal with change, cope with money worries and job uncertainty and how to look after your mental wellbeing whilst staying at home.

There are practical tips and videos from experts on dealing with stress and anxiety, boosting your mood, sleeping better and what you can do to help others – including advice for parents and for children and young people.


Happy Maps – new resource

A website for parents, carers and professionals. Reliable and up-to-date resources on emotional health for your children. For all ages, from babies to young adults.

Worried about your child’s behaviour or mental health? Not sure where to start looking for help? Happy Maps has information and resources to help you and your child of different age groups, comprehensive help directory and information for professionals.

There are also resources for children or teenagers with special educational needs (SEN) or disabilities, who often experience issues with mood, anxiety, poor sleep and other problems.

Visit Happy Maps at: