World Book Day – Hamper Project – March 2021

Book Hampers – A Greywood MST Project

The pupils of Henry Chadwick Primary School, Queens Croft and The Friary, whether at school or at home, spent World Book Day celebrating their love of books as well as a host of other activities, from posing questions to the previous Staffordshire Poet Laureate to family fun orienteering. Their love of books has now spilled out into the community.

As children up and down the country prepared for World Book Day, the pupils at Greywood MST were already taking part in an exciting project which demonstrated the true meaning of World Book Day.

World Book Day began to ensure that all children had access to a book. A survey by the National Literacy Trust found that in 2019, a staggering 380,000 children still did not have a book of their own.

The English leads from each of the Greywood MST schools have worked together on a community project in an attempt to reduce this shocking statistic. They decided to ask all pupils, from Early Years to Sixth Form, to recommend their favourite book. Of these recommendations, 12 books were chosen to form a hamper of well-loved stories. The books vary in age range and interest but the commonality is that they were chosen by children for children in the local community.

This week, to coincide with World Book Day, these hampers have been donated to the charities Project Pathway and Family Support Services (Staffordshire). Greywood MST are thrilled to have provided these books for families in the Lichfield area and hope that the children will all have access to a fantastic story to enjoy on World Book Day.

We would like to thank the pupils of the Trust, without whose recommendations this project would not have been possible, to the Spalding Books for their support with the initiative and Project Pathway and Family Support Services for the work they do supporting local families.

Alexis, Lichfield Family Support Worker, with pupils from Henry Chadwick Primary School.
Jackie, Refuge Manager, pupils from Henry Chadwick Primary with Greywood MST CEO, Pat Hunt donating book hampers at the Project Pathway Refuge.