Free Debt Advice in Rugeley

At the beginning of 2020 there were many people who could not have anticipated that their financial position was about take a nose dive. The reality is however, that 2020 and 2021 have both turned out to be an “annus horribillis” of mega proportions. Financial security has been swept away, notwithstanding the Government’s Furlough Scheme. Many have lost their jobs as businesses have collapsed. The additional extra £20 on Universal Credit was a help, but it’s recent termination on 6th October has been catastrophic particularly for those who were already struggling. The Money Charity, Stepchange has estimated that significant numbers of people will be in rent arrears putting peoples home at risk.

Claire Evans, a member of St Augustine’s Church in Rugeley felt it was time to try and do something to help. She and two other members of the congregations in the Parish have trained as debt advisors with Penk Moneywise a Debt Advice Charity based in Penkridge.

Penk Moneywise has been providing free independent debt advice since 2010, as an independent centre under the national umbrella organisation Community Money Advice (CMA). They are regulated by the FCA

‘The training was quite technical’ said Claire, but I felt it was important for the Church community to show that we care and assist with particular difficulties if we can. The types of financial problems are very varied. They can be mortgage or rental arrears credit card debts, long-standing debts, a problem with benefits and much more. The training we receive teaches us the prescribed method to record all the financial details and prepare a budget in a format that creditors require. We can then advise the client about which debts are priority debts and need to be addressed first. We can communicate directly with creditors to take the pressure of the client. We offer advice about Debt Relief Orders bankruptcy and can negotiate payments with creditors. We can assist by applying for grants for urgently needed household items. It’s not unusual for someone in serious debt to just stop opening letters and bury their heads in the sand so it is a pleasure to see the relief on someone’s face when they realise that they no longer have to deal with these things alone and that there can be light at the end of the tunnel.

For the first time Free debt advice is now available in Rugeley and takes place at the Church of the Good Shepherd on the Peartree Estate, Rugeley. We also have an information desk on a regular basis at the Rugeley Food Bank in the Community centre on Burnthill Lane. Penk Moneywise also offers appointments in Cannock and Stafford

The message is “Help with debt and money worries is available now and only a phone call away . 07506 577996