Y6 Homework w/c 23rd May 2022

The Queen’s Jubilee will be happening in between the 2nd and 5th June this year, to marking 70 years of her reign.

Your task, between now and when you return to school after half term is to carry out a task of your choice.

I would like you to create, make, design, write – whatever you would like to do – something about the Queen.

Some examples could be:

  • A portrait of the Queen.
  • A model of Buckingham Palace
  • An information poster about the Queen, the Jubilee celebrations or the Royal Family.
  • An information project about the history of the Royal Family, or the life of the Queen.
  • You could create posters, illustrations, use computers or any other resources you have.

Do whatever you choose  to the best of your ability and most importantly, have some fun with it!

We will be showcasing projects for those who would like to present their work when we return after half term.

Good luck! PS. If any children would like to take home any particular resources (paper, card etc) from school, please let us know this week.