Year 3 and 4 homework WC 3.10.22

Year 3 and 4 homework WC 3/10/22 (Due back 7/10/22)


Spellings Rainbow Words

Write your spelling words with coloured pencils.  Make each letter a different colour

Spider   The /r/ Sound Spelt Using ‘wr’Ladybird   Words with the long vowel sound /a/ spelt with ey Worm   Adding the prefix ‘in (meaning not or into).
write written wrote wrong wrap wreck  hey they obey grey prey whey survey convey disobey purveyinactive incorrect indefinite inaccurate insecure incomplete infinite inedible inability indecisive  

Tuesday- Spelling booklet

Practise your spellings in your spelling booklet – these should link to your spelling words above – please let me know if there is a mismatch!

Wednesday- Reading

Please read reading book or share your library book and record comments in reading diary.  Discuss with an adult your favourite part of the book.

Thursday-Multiplication Tables

Login into TT Rockstars and play for 10 minutes.

Mrs Orme and Mrs Barnes