Our Intent Statement

At Henry Chadwick Primary, part of the Primitas Learning Partnership, the curriculum is designed to:

recognise and build upon children’s prior learning; provide practical, memorable and engaging learning experiences; allow the children to develop essential life skills – determination, teamwork, cooperation, resilience, empathy, the ability to communicate effectively and be independent and committed learners.

We have high expectations of all of our learners at all times – we establish exceptional behaviours through our RIGHT rules – teaching and rewarding:

  • Respect
  • Inclusion
  • Good Manners
  • Honesty
  • Thoughtfulness

Every child is recognised as a unique individual.  We celebrate and value difference and educate our children to understand and embrace the diversity of our contemporary society.  In addition, we focus heavily on creating responsible citizens that are environmentally aware and that understand the importance of creating a sustainable future.  By offering a wide range of opportunities, we encourage children to develop a long-term interest in sport, remaining active and adopting healthy lifestyles.   We offer a rich and varied curriculum with enrichment opportunities to engage all children. We create an atmosphere where children feel safe and empowered to explore and investigate, an atmosphere where there is a thirst for knowledge and discovery.  We inspire by being enthusiastic and encouraging.  This is underpinned by successful teaching of the basic academic skills and knowledge that children need for the next part of their learning journey and for life.

Community involvement is central to our wider curriculum and we actively participate and support community events.  We value and understand the importance of community and teach children about the local area and being responsible and valued members of their community.

Children leave Henry Chadwick with a sense of having belonged to a supportive community where they have developed the confidence and skills to make positive decisions and contributions.  They leave having become life–long independent learners with a wide range of life skills and knowledge.

Further Information regarding the Curriculum can be obtained from either Mrs Barnes, Headteacher, or Mrs Jane, Deputy Headteacher.

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