Forest School

Forest School has so many benefits for the children, not only for their well-being but the opportunities and experiences they bring.  The sessions are not only fun but they encourage each child to be resilient, face new challenges and work in groups, providing an opportunity to extend their communication and language skills.  Some activities also include risk taking.

Taking part in Forest School sessions naturally encourages a child’s physical development and pushes them out of their “comfort zone” – a skill in itself.

Friendship is a huge benefit as Forest School gives the children the opportunity to socialise with other children that they may not usually socialise with, gaining different interests and building new relationships.

The benefits are endless.  Forest School teaches children about their surroundings, wildlife and the environment, how to look after it as well as caring for and growing fruit and vegetables, knowing when to plant seeds and when to harvest our produce.  The favourite part being able to eat what they have grown.