Our aim at Henry Chadwick is to inspire children’s curiosity, interest and appreciation for the world that we live in – allowing them to ‘explore and travel’ the world, learning about places, people and features. We give children a ‘passport’ to the world. We teach them how to be conscientious global citizens in our interconnected world.

As geographers, pupils are exposed to a rich and balanced curriculum that provides them with essential component knowledge and new vocabulary. As pupils progress through the school, they develop an insight into the links between physical and human processes and how landscapes and environments have changed and continue to change over time, including being able to empathise with the negative impact that humans have on these environments.

They develop first hand knowledge of places through fieldwork where cooperation and teamwork skills help them to navigate, understand, follow and create their own maps.

We are ambitious for our learners, meeting the National Curriculum objectives and going beyond with enrichment activities and half-termly World Explorer Days.


We do this by:

Giving children opportunities to ‘travel’ the World through World explorer days

Teach children about global issues and how they can make informed and conscientious choices.

Teach vocabulary and knowledge to compare and contrast different localities

Teach children to read and create their own maps
Understand the part that they play in the World.


Children leave Henry Chadwick with an extensive knowledge of the world in which we live. They appreciate the world around them and understand the potential impact that humans have on places and resources. Children are able to move onto the next part of their learning journey with a sound knowledge and conscience about how to protect the world in which we live. They have a clear knowledge of human and physical resources and processes.