History intent

Through the History Curriculum at Henry Chadwick, we create enthusiastic pupils who develop an appreciation and understanding of the past through curiosity and a discovery of how the past has influenced our lives today. Our pupils have the ability to empathise with people from the past as they learn about the lives and the challenges that they had to face. We shape young minds that are intrigued by the past and using teamwork and cooperation, use artefacts and a range of sources to build an understanding of different eras. These pupils will learn to understand chronology and begin to understand relationships and changes between different time periods.
British Values are woven into the History curriculum promoting values such as Mutual Respect, Tolerance and Individual Liberty. Themed days celebrating Black History, Remembrance and Significant Women further promote such values.
Due to mixed year groups, our history curriculum is taught over a two-year rolling programme.


We learn to be historians by:

Being curious about the past

Using a range of sources to explore and find out about times gone by.

Critically evaluating and comparing different versions of events

Using timelines to sequence events

Asking historically significant questions to find answers Experiencing enrichment activities – themed days, visitors and off-site experiences.


Pupils will confidently be able to talk about the historical periods that they have studied and be able to place events and periods in chronological order. They will use this skill and knowledge to explain how the world has changed and the significance that certain events and time periods have had on changes that have occurred. They will be able to critically evaluate different opinions of events and understand why there are different interpretations of events and periods. When they move to the next part of their learning journey, they will have the skills to analyse and discuss changes and the impacts that these have.