At Henry Chadwick, we want all of our children to be resilient mathematicians. Our intention is to provide a high-quality mathematics curriculum which promotes confidence and enjoyment, and inspires curiosity about Maths. It is our belief that every maths lesson should be a hive of activity, where through good communication, team work and hands-on exploration there is an excitement that builds positive attitudes and ensures that children feel determined to succeed and safe to make mistakes. We use our maths skills in cross-curricular contexts linking to real-life experiences.

We ensure that our mathematicians have a strong, secure understanding of mathematical facts; that they build a strong foundational knowledge of key skills and that they have a secure knowledge of mathematical concepts.

We teach our mathematicians to make links between areas of mathematics to allow for application of skills and knowledge. We promote deeper mathematical understanding by encouraging children to think critically, ask questions and explore concepts.

We believe that every child can engage with and participate in our maths curriculum with the right kind of teaching and support. At Henry Chadwick, we have high expectations to enable excellence for all and we base our teaching on the belief that all children have the potential to succeed.


In order to ensure that our pupils progress to Key Stage 3 with the secure maths skills that we intend, we:

Ensure that teaching follows a coherent learning progression through the curriculum using small steps sequential learning using the White Rose Scheme of Work.

Use Scaffolds and a CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) approach to support the learning of all children.

Revisit key concepts regularly and develop fluency of key facts in a variety of situations.

Use variation to promote secure understanding, develop links, make relationships and see things from a range of perspectives.

Ensure that there is daily learning, practise and reasoning.

Develop mathematical talk and deepen learning through questioning.

Allow children to work both independently and collaboratively with mathematical talk driving learning and understanding.

Use live and verbal feedback to constantly extend of support learning.


Our children have a positive view of maths due to learning in an environment where maths is promoted by enthusiastic staff as being an exciting and enjoyable subject in which they can investigate and ask questions; they know that it is reasonable to make mistakes because this can strengthen their learning through the journey to finding an answer. Children are confident to ‘have a go’ and choose the equipment they need to help them to learn along with the strategies they think are best suited to each problem. They work both independently and collaboratively – developing both essential learning skills, fulfilling our ‘Learn to Live’ motto.

Our children perform well in mathematics. They demonstrate a quick recall of facts and procedures. This includes the recollection of times tables, which enables them to become confident, fluent mathematicians. Our mathematicians leave Henry Chadwick with the skills and learning powers to support them on the next part of their learning journey.

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