At Henry Chadwick, through the use of innovative ideas, implemented by highly skilled and confident staff, we intend to provide our children with an enjoyable, high-quality learning experience which is mentally and physically challenging. We hope to inspire them and provide them with new skills which are transferable from sport to other areas of their life. Our wish is that they experience new opportunities and see PE embedded into all aspects of school life. We are passionate about giving children ownership over their own learning and control of their own achievements, whilst understanding the values of fairness and teamwork. 

Our PE curriculum is focused on the five Key Indicators for success. These are:

  • Engaging Pupils in Regular Physical Activity,
  • Raising the profile of PE and Sport across the School,
  • Increasing the confidence and knowledge of Staff,
  • Offering a broader experience of Sport for the children and
  • Increasing student participation in competitive sport. 

All of our lessons, extra curricular activities and whole school events give an opportunity for children to learn new skills and enjoy their learning. 

As an addition to our PE lessons, we are proud to promote PE throughout the school day, as pupils are able to run the ‘Golden Mile’ as part of every afternoon whilst also monitor their own levels of physical activity using the recently implemented ‘Moki Fitness bands’.  

As a school we are continuing to strive to improve our PE curriculum and do this with the input of our most important stakeholders; the children. We have a ‘Sports Council’ of children who regularly convene to discuss new ideas or suggest improvements within PE and Sport. Their ideas and innovations have enabled us to source and purchase an outdoor climbing wall, an outdoor gym, countless items of new resources, fitness bands for every student, a new Early Years playground as well as designing the layout for the new playground markings.  

As a staff, we are able to carefully track and monitor the progress of our children’s skill levels throughout the curriculum by using our integrated IPEP assessment tool.  

We, at Henry Chadwick, are proud of our achievements within PE and Sport and are excited to see what the future brings.