At Henry Chadwick Primary School, we strive to ensure that PE is not just two lessons a week but an integral part of school life. We want to make it a part of the whole school day, where children are encouraged to move and enjoy what they are doing. We believe every level of physical education should be a safe, supportive environment for children, where they are allowed to experience new opportunities and freely express themselves. We use skills progression to help children learn the key skills of physical activity, as well as skills of collaboration, teamwork and developing their whole self, mind and body. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that children leave our school wanting to continue to be healthy and pursue their own sporting achievements, showing a determination to achieve their goals and a resilience to continue striving for them.


  • Children have two hours of high quality teaching in PE per week. Each lesson is linked to the national curriculum objectives and skills progression, set out in a fun and varied long term plan. The long term plan aims to cover a range of different subject areas, to give children as much opportunity to explore the sporting ambitions as possible.
  • Within each lesson, there are set levels of differentiation and challenge is encouraged for all pupils, making sure each child can access any given topic and be challenged to progress within that lesson.
  • Furthermore, we include a mental health and well-being challenge at the end of different sessions, to incorporate that we should aim to develop the whole body, with the aim to become more resilient athletes.
  • We as a school use an integrated planning system, which has given teachers the confidence to teach at a high level across all subject areas and has made PE lessons a more positive experience for all children.
  • We use the IPEP Planning and Assessment system to ensure high quality lessons are delivered and children can be assessed mid lesson to ensure accuracy and validity within data.
  • We have established a ‘Sports Council’ of Year 6 children, who have the opportunity to have an input on how money from the Sports Premium is spent and also have undertaken training to be playground leaders outside, learning to listen and further communicate their good ideas.
  • We always encourage as many children as possible to compete in local events in a range of different sports and activities, giving them the experience of competitive sport and the self-belief to undertake that challenge.
  • We provide swimming lessons for Year 3 and 4 children during the first two terms of the year, which allow them to develop key skills to be used in later life.
  • We often hire external coaches to provide a day of sporting enrichment with unusual challenges, such as Olympic days, Wheelchair Basketball and Glow in the dark Dodgeball. This gives children a sporting experience that they may never usually undertake.
  • Each class and each member of staff will also complete the Golden Mile during the afternoon. They will walk, run or jog for one mile. This is great for mental health and we are tracking how many miles we have completed as a school, to see how far we have travelled around the world!
  • All children engage in Forest School sessions weekly as well as have access to structured lunchtime activities.
  • Extra curricular sports clubs are also available at lunchtimes and after school during the week.


Children love sport and thoroughly enjoy PE. We have raised the profile across the school through high quality events and providing children with a brand new PE uniform, allowing PE to seamlessly become a part of everyday life. Children enjoy being healthy and there has been a rise in the number of children competing in extra-curricular sporting activities. They have a competitive nature that allows them the desire to succeed, yet have developed the resilience necessary to not abandon their ambitions at the first sign of failure. We want to continue to keep PE at the forefront of this school and ensure that children are moving- and enjoying doing so!