School and Greywood Aims, Vision and Values

Our Mission Statement

At Henry Chadwick our school motto is “Learn to Live”. In all that we do we want to help our pupils develop the necessary skills for this to happen.

We want to create a happy, caring, secure environment in which our children can develop confidence, individuality and good learning habits. We strive to nurture and develop the whole child, preparing each individual for the experiences, opportunities and responsibilities of adult life. In this way each child may have the opportunity to achieve his or her potential.

School Aims

We believe that Every Child Matters and our aims are being developed with the whole school community.

  • To provide the school community with the opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle
  • To provide all staff and pupils with the skills, knowledge and awareness to help them to stay safe both in school and in a wider setting
  • To provide a safe environment, both physically and emotionally, for all members of the school community
  • To provide a variety of appropriate and enjoyable learning experiences so that pupils have the opportunity to achieve
  • To provide a range of opportunities for pupils to explore their own learning and develop their interests and abilities
  • To encourage all pupils to respect the skills and abilities of others as individuals and to seek, recognise and take opportunities offered
  • To teach pupils to work independently, to be ambitious and strive for improvement
  • To provide pupils with the opportunity, skills and confidence to make a positive contribution to life within our school and wider community