Parents and Friends’ Association (PFA)

The PFA is a registered charity run by a small group of volunteers to raise additional funds for the school. The majority of the members are parents but anybody, who has a keen interest in enhancing the opportunities available to the children, is welcome to join the group.

Since 2004 the PFA has raised and contributed over £32,000 to the school. This money has been used for many worthwhile initiatives including the purchase of digital cameras, I-pads, play equipment, an outdoor learning shelter and supporting a wide variety of school trips. Most recently the PFA has contributed a significant amount of money to support an exciting art initiative which has recently commenced within the school. The PFA’s aim is to contribute towards improving the education and learning experiences of the children, as well as providing equipment and facilities which may otherwise not be available to the children.

There are numerous fundraising and social events throughout the year which are organised by the PFA. These events provide an opportunity to embrace village life and enhance the link between the families at the school and the local community. In recent times the PFA has organised school discos, sponsored walks, movie nights, horse racing events, frog racing, bingo and fashion evenings. Furthermore, the PFA annually host a Summer Fete and a Christmas Fair which attract many residents from the village, and involve outside organisations.

Scheduled PFA Events include: